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Residential Care

Residential Care

Residential care is designed to give residents independence whilst reducing the risks that come with living alone. Our service provides a safe and secure environment to enable each of our residents to enjoy living life as they wish, safe in the knowledge that care staff are on hand 24 hours-a-day to support where needed.

We help formulate a care plan, tailored to the individual needs so that our residents can do as much as they are comfortable with and are supported in the areas they need to be. This could mean assisting with personal care or medication.

Our residential packages are ideally suited to individuals or couples who are looking for a place to live where they can be immersed in a vibrant environment where activities and companionship is a priority. Our activities and care teams discuss preferences and tailor events to the individuals in the home, collaborating with family and loved ones at home to make every day enjoyable.

If you or your loved one is relatively independent with no major medical conditions, a Residential care home service could be the right choice.