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Nursing Care

Nursing Care

Nursing care is designed to give residents with complex medical conditions assistance to live safely and feel supported. Our nursing care service involves the access to qualified, on-site nurses and support staff 24 hours-a-day.

Nursing care can be vital for people with progressive neurological conditions, such as MND or Multiple Sclerosis, as well as individuals who have suffered strokes, brain and spinal cord injuries, advanced dementia or terminal cancer.

The Priory will ensure that your medical needs are tended to in a sensitive and professional manner, liaising and collaboratively working with health partners in the local community to support our residents to stay well. We recognise that an individual is so much more than their diagnosis, and we make every effort to support all of our residents to live fulfilling lives in a manner that they choose. We do this by supporting every resident to achieve what they hope, providing adjustments to daily tasks to ensure that everybody is able to participate in daily life to the fullest extent and based on their individual preferences and choices.

If you or your loved one has medical conditions that require regular attention, a Nursing care home service could be the right choice.