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Meet Our Oral Care Champions!

Molly Eccleston & Sally Jarvis

Sally & Molly are our Oral Care Champions. They have been trained by oral care professionals that allows them to provide in house training sessions to educate our staff.

Sally & Molly train our staff on a regular basis and offer guidance and support when needed about oral care when on shift, to ensure our residents oral health and comfort is to the best standards.

Meet Our Hydration Champions!

Tom Rocky & Shannon Whittington

Shannon & Tom are The Priory Hydration Champions.

Shannon & Tom have been trained by professionals in hydration care, to provide in house training sessions and support to our staff when on shift. The main focus of the hydration training is so that we can increase our knowledge and confidence in assessing our residents needs and minimising their risk of poor hydration.

Meet Our In House Manual Handling Trainers!

Babs Frame & May Draper

Babs & May are our in house Moving and Handling Trainers!

Babs & May work together to ensure all our new staff are trained and all are current staff have their yearly Moving & Handling updated training sessions, while also keeping up to date with regular assessments of our residents mobility needs and equipment.

Meet Our ICP Champion

Lili Spahiu

Lili is The Priory Infection Control Champion.

Lili is passionate about keeping the home clean and tidy and works with our staff team to ensure competency and compliance within the IPC recommendations are guidelines.

About us and the team

We strive to provide a home-from-home environment and support our residents to live an active, independent and fulfilled life. We ensure all our staff are fully trained and have great in house trainers to do so! Our staff are fully trained in a variety of areas throughout the care sector to allow our residents to be cared and supported to the best standards The Priory can provide.

We LOVE what we do, and as an organisation we want to make a difference so that vulnerable people in our society receive the care, dignity and respect they truly deserve!

If you have any questions you can contact our team today via email or phone call.