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September Newsletter 2023




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Welcome to The Priory September Newsletter!

We’re officially coming into the Autumn season, and we’re replacing sunscreen and summer hats with chills and wooly socks. We have lots of exciting things planned so keep an eye out to see what The Priory is up to this month!

We have been very busy this month, as we always are! We have had lots of day trips into the local town, trips into the local pub, our in house florists making lots of lovely bouqets for around the home, lots of gardeners attending the homes gardening club, Paul the singer and we hosted our first fete! W

We are hoping to host another fete over the Christmas period so keep an eye out for the date!

and of course we have had Jane the homes hairdresser up to her mischief on a Tuesday, making you all look very glam.

We look forward to seeing you all next month!

Kind Regards,

Team Priory x